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Powerful Detoxifying Agent

Strengthen with essentials nutrients, our cleaned up organism can reach its full capacities and resist to threats of the outside world.

Healthy complementary nutrient

A genus of microalgae with unique health benefits

Chlorella or Chlorelle is a highly effective complementary nutrient

Detoxifying and Stimulating

Thanks to its fibers Chlorella has the capacity to absorb from the living cell PCBs, heavy metals like mercury, and metalloids like arsenic. Since our organism doesn’t digest these fibers, this vital function helps the body evacuate such toxics by natural means.  Strengthen with essentials nutrients, our cleaned up organism can reach its full capacities and resist to the threats of the outside world.

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There is no such a thing as a miraculous complementary nutrient, but if there should be one, that would be the Chlorella!

The Chlorella, still called Chlorelle, is considered a nutrient of paramount importance in Japan. This is one of the most famous and most used complementary nutrients in Japan since more than thirty years. The Japanese consumers are estimated to be 10 million.

How is the Chlorella working so efficiently in our body?

Why is the Chlorella so healthy?

Today we can’t explain all the beneficial effects of the Chlorella on our body, and we might never be able to since the list of Chlorella’s benefits to health is very long.

Although, we can simply explain Chlorella’s process in order to understand why this micro-algae is such a gift from nature.

Chlorella’s process works simultaneously on two levels which work in collaboration: The detoxifying and the stimulating process. These two processes are going to work together as a synergy, and from this collaboration we will witness Chlorella’s great results on health.

Chlorella’s cleaning action on our organism

Our cells’ metabolism works with a complex enzyme system. This system is disturbed when we absorb toxics like heavy metals, dioxins and other poisons that block or slow down this system. If this enzyme system doesn’t work properly then the damages on our body are numerous: fatigue, diseases, ulcers, etc.

The Chlorella has an intrinsic detoxifying power that is going to free the enzymes and give back to our metabolism its full capacities.

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