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The Truth About Broken Cell Chlorella

Does it matter if Chlorella has broken cells or not? – The Answer is No.

Some companies claim that their Chlorella has broken cell so it’s easier for our organism to digest and process Chlorella’s precious nutrients. This is false.

Most of the Chlorella’s production plants are in outdoor ponds so the Chlorella has to go through a harsh process in order to be cleaned up. Consequently, the Chlorella’s cell is being pulverized during this process…

The truth is that Chlorella’s cells open up naturally in an acidic environment. Our stomach has a degree of acidity that is strong enough for the Chlorella’s cells to open up.

Scientific studies on rats have been conducted* to determine if non-broken cell chlorella and broken cell chlorella made a difference in digestibility. The results show that there is no difference between the two types.

It is actually much better if the Chlorella does not have broken cell wall, since it preserves the precious nutrients inside it such as Vitamin B12, Amino acids, Omega 3, and deliver it only when digested. It is of paramount importance to pick a Chlorella of the highest purity.

(*) Publications The effect of processing of Chlorella vulgaris: K-5 on in vitro an in vivo digestibility in rats Animal Fedd Science Technology 70 (1998) 363-366 Komaki,H., Yamashita,M., Niwa,Y., Tanaka,Y., Kamiya,N., Ando,Y., Furuse,M. 1997


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